When you need more than a fly fishing vest, pick up a pack!
True dedicated fly fishers know that the traditional fly fishing vest won’t always do the job on those big days out on the water. Although the vest is great bit of kit to bring along and no mistake, if you’re an all-dayer you will almost certainly more space than a vest an offer. So let’s chat packs!

The smart things to think about when you’re shopping fly fishing packs.
Think about value!
The chances are, if you buy a super cheap backpack, you’ll be super disappointed and ultimately will spend more cash new products, because as it probably won’t last long. As seams rip and zippers fail, you’ll lose bits of kit and be forced to buy new items before you should have to.

Dig deep into durability!
It’s true that high quality products are more expensive, but the big time benefits they bring can be more than worth the extra spend. And there’s nothing more important about quality than durability… you’ll agree, it’s no fun seeing your stuff fall apart on the river.

Search for the right size & fit!
Put simply, it doesn’t matter what backpack you pick, the first and most crucial aspect is how it fits you and whether it provides proper space for the kit you like to carry as you fish. Track the kit you tend to pack as your fishing habits develop, and adjust accordingly before you invest in pricey gear.

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Make sure there’s enough water-proofing!
Water-proofing isn’t absolutely crucial in fly fishing packs, but it’s a really nice thing to have. You can wade without worry or wetness, you’re protected if you slip into the drink, and there’s nothing more miserable than spoiling essential gear that could have easily been kept dry.

Spend time on organisation!
Should you skip the vest and choose to go with all of your gear in your fly fishing backpack, it’s crucial that you have a well-designed, thought-out system for organisation. So make sure you pick a pack that enables you to keep your most important items readily accessible when you need.

Welcome to the big wide world of fly fishing bumbags.
It’s true there are many rabbit holes down which you could jump when talking about the right gear for the right fly ishing experience, but it’s a safe bet that none of those rabbit holes are any deeper than that inhabited by bumbags. Preferences and opinions differ wildly.

When it comes to fly fishing back packs, the best place to look is the chatrooms.
There are many, many snippets of information, tips and advice which will help inform you decision making around fly fishing gear, and there’s much of it we’ve spent a lot of time in gathering for you on this website. But when it comes to fly fishing bumbags, we’d be here all day.

So we recommend experimenting, listening and surfing… here are some golden chatroom nuggets:
“It’s not all getting the Gucchi branded fly fishing bumbags.. all you need is practicality and versatility, which you can find on the market for half the price of big brands.”
“The ‘Snugpak’ is a military First Aid pack, seen them used by some of our lads. Heavy duty, which is great but perhaps a little heavy for fishing.”
“I bought an Orvis chest pack (Safe Passage) thingy that I love. So comfortable and light you hardly know it’s there, plus a three point harness which expands to fit over winter clothes, or tightens up for a summer t-shirt.”
“I’ve used a waist pack for years; very comfortable to tot around in … AND do you really need to lug around all that extra stuff?”
“The waist bag certainly provides enough storage space and features to meet my needs. I am trying to avoid carrying too much stuff with me and focussing on the fishing rather that the amount of stuff I can carry, using a waist bag certainly makes you choose your kit to suit the conditions of the day.”
“I tend to have what I need in my waistcoat, but have a small backpack with a coat, sarnies, other clobber in, but it’s obviously higher up and a bit further away from the water. I have quite a good Lowe Alpine bum bag for walking, but the Maver one has more room (and that handy bottle pouch!)”

Wading & accessories
Fly fish safe: Top tips safe wading in moving water.
Wading is one of those areas in fly fishing where there’s only one thing that really matters: your safety. Even with brand new top of the range waders and boots, which are so cool you feel invincible as you stride into the water, you can still get a dangerously false sense of security. Be warned!

Take care, because it’s not the fast deep current that will catch you out!
You’ll find no shortage of wading advice around fast currents and deep water, and that’s all well and good and really useful, but ask any experienced fly fisher and you’ll hear tales about falling flt on their face in safe, slow, shallow water in which they felt perfectly safe.
And that’s because it’s human nature not to be as vigilant when you feel safe, so the first rule of wading is to never allow yourself self over-confidence. As the saying goes, stay on your toes, and remember there is never a situation when you can stop being aware of your wading. Our website has more information

It’s not “if” you’ll take a swim, it’s when. So be prepared with these fab fly-fishing wading tips:

Search for the perfect wading boots

Felt is a favourite wading boots sole material, and is very secure on slippery surfaces, but felt soles take a long time to dry and can spread harmful seeds. Check local regulations.

Think carefully about your wading belt

A belt is included with most waders, make sure you wear it! All too often this bit of kit is disregarded and then guess what… in deep water your waders to fill with water!

Don’t be shy, get a wading staff!

There’s no more effective method to ensure better safety while wading in moving water than using a wading staff. It improves stability and fishing technique – so get one!

Take care walking & turning in moving water

Freshwater current and depth can be deceiving. Fast water does not have to be deep to pull your feet out. Be aware of how the current is pushing you, you can turn back anytime!