Utility vehicles, or Utes as they are called in Australia, are those vehicles that have a lot of space behind the passenger compartment and are typically used for carrying heavy loads. It is somewhat similar to pick-up trucks of the U.S, though Utes tend to be more rugged and are designed for extreme off-roading experiences.

Out of the many UTEs sold in Australia, Hilux cars are the most popular simply because they are highly reliable, made for rugged conditions, and above everything, come with a ton of accessories that can make driving a luxurious and enjoyable experience. One such accessory that has truly enhanced the experience of driving is the Hilux roof console.

As the name suggests, a Hilux roof console is an accessory that attaches to the roof of your car and comes with many cool and convenient options to store small things, turn on the light, and more. Due to these features, a Hilux roof console has become an important accessory for anyone who travels long distances and goes for frequent road trips, especially in the Great wilderness of Australia.

Types of Hilux roof consoles

Broadly speaking, there are two types of Hilux roof consoles offered today and they are:

  • Center Hilux roof console
  • Overhead Hilux roof console

Center Hilux Roof Console

A center Hilux roof console, as the name suggests, will be fixed to the center part of your car and designed in such a way that it can be accessed by all passengers who travel in the car. This makes it convenient and scores high on usability as well. Moreover, these center Hilux roof consoles can be customized to meet the specifications of different customers. This means you can get the Hilux roof console that you want with all the features that you think are essential for you and your loved ones.

Some of the different types of Hilux roof consoles are:

  • Low profile Hilux roof for one radio – As the name suggests, this center roof console comes with a provision for a single radio. This is most ideal for a two-passenger car that doesn’t require a ton of volume.
  • Low profile Hilux roof for two radios – You may have guessed by now! This Hilux roof console comes with a provision for two radios, one in the center and one of the sides of the console. This is a bit louder and gives a nice effect, especially if you tend to have more than two people in your car or want an “echo” effect from your radio.
  • Low profile Hilux roof with storage – This Hilux roof console comes with a storage opening that makes it convenient to store small things such as keys, ID cards, wires, earbuds, and more. This storage area is also carpet-lined, so it blends well with the overall interiors.
  • Low profile Hilux roof with open facia – This roof console has no radios or storage boxes and comes with an open facia. This is most ideal if you want nothing more than door lights in your Hilux roof console. The same can be customized a bit with elasticized netting instead of an open facia.
  • Low profile flat Hilux roof – This type of roof console is flat and makes it ideal for mounting radios on the sides. This way, the front portion of the roof console is plain with just lights.
  • Deep profile driver’s view – This is a popular kind of Hilux roof console as the radios are mounted on the side. The biggest advantage of this type is that it can house up to four radios.
  • Deep profile passenger’s view – This Hilux roof console is one of the most comprehensive ones as it comes with a radio and storage with an optional opening at the rear end of the console.
  • Deep profile open facia – This is similar to the low profile open facia, with the only difference being that the facia is deeper because of the overall design. This also comes with an elasticized netting, if that’s something you’d like
  • Deep profile flat console – This Hilux roof console is similar to the low profile one, except that it tends to be deeper, so you have more space for mounting larger radios.

Overhead Hilux Roof Consoles

Earlier, we saw the center Hilux roof console that is mounted right in the middle part of your car’s roof. Now, let’s take a look at the overhead Hilux roof console. This roof console is mounted at the front part of the car, between the driver and passenger seat, and is designed to make it easy for both the driver and the front-seat passenger to access the roof console. It is also ideal for cars designed to carry just two people.

While there are not many different types such as the center Hilux roof console type, these consoles give you the flexibility to choose from a wide range of things that can be mounted on them. The accessories that you can place on the roof console are:

  • Foam inserts – Foam inserts that are ideal to fit in smaller radios. If you have a larger radio, you don’t need these inserts and space is designed for a standard size car radio. This means ensure that you don’t buy too bulky ones as it is hard to expand the space. But smaller radios are no problem as you can use foam inserts for adjustments.
  • Storage pockets – There are two or more storage pockets, depending on the model you buy and these come in handy to compartmentalize different things, so you can find them easily. Also, it helps you to find the things you want right away.
  • Interior lights – Interior lights provide the much-needed extra illumination that you need, especially to find things in your car at night. It also doubles up as a good reading light.

To conclude, there are two broad types of Hilux roof consoles and many smaller variations that come within each. Depending on your likes and preferences, pick the one that best suits your needs.